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Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #12

Writer: Sam Humphries; Artists: Paco Medina & Juan Vlasco w/ Andrea Sorrentino; Colorists: David Curiel w/ Marcelo Maiolo; Cover Artist: Paco Medina

The final issue of the Legendary Star-Lord contains no Peter Quill, aside from beautiful Andrea Sorrentino art summarizing the Black Vortex Saga. You would think this an odd choice, and it is. But everything plays beautifully in a tale featuring Peter’s half-sister Captain Victoria.

Captain Victoria, if you are not familiar, took an oath to protect the people of Spartax. She leads a group on a mission to The Collector’s temple. She is there to obtain an artifact and The Collector’s intel lets him know she’s coming for her father’s body encased in amber. During the Black Vortex the entire planet was covered in amber by Thane, son of Thanos. When J’Son attempted to double cross him, he did the same to Mr. Knife. The Collector came across his amber-tombed body and added him to his collection.

We learn that The Collector also covets artifacts such as letters, pictures, and bootlegged video. He unveils some treats from Victoria’s background he collected: a video from her practicing dance, as well as her first meeting with her father. It’s a terrible memory. Her mother is gone, she meets her “emperor” father, is immediately shipped off to a military school and must no longer take part in her hearts desire: dance.” But…


The Collector is moved to tears that she defied her father and kept up with her dance. He allows her to leave with her father’s body since she has now cheapened his collection with her amazing feats. But she wasn’t after J’Son. They take the seed of the next Kree Supreme Intelligence since he was destroyed during the Black Vortex conflict. Victoria can now hold the Kree Empire hostage to the rebuilding Spartax Empire. Pretty epic and how deceitful of you Victoria. 

Great writing by Sam Humphries. Art was spectacular yet again. I’m really digging anything Paco Medina. 

Like I mentioned in the open it’s a weird issue since there is really no Peter Quill here. But Victoria steals the stage and it was nice to see The Collector. The last page does show J’Son breaking out of the amber casing, and I am not sure if that pays off during Secret Wars. Or if it will afterwards. We’ll just have to see.