Comic Review: Lazarus #9

Lift: Part 5

We finally see the fight between Forever and Marisol. I was completely expecting Forever would have to kill her but as she was taught to do, Forever follows her orders. Marisol was to be defeated, nothing more. 

Flash forward to the present and Forever is dealing with the bomb threat issue for the family’s Lift. I don’t think I’ve mentioned them before but population stats for Family, Serf and Waste are listed whenever settings change. Forever goes to see her brother Stephen, the family rep over the Denver area. A panel after recapping the current bomber situation to him it is pointed out that there are 367,890 Waste. Shit man, you better be worried you are a bomb target! There is a great likelihood for success with those numbers. But nothing will deter Stephen. He’s a Carlyle and the Family must do their duty. 

Casey and Michael go through the extensive testing and qualification exams for the Lift. There is a nice VoiceOver from Sister Bernard as they go through everything. It’s pretty intense stuff and, if it wasn’t already obvious, the family takes this Lift stuff seriously. 

The final pages are intense and I won’t spoil them for you. I love this title too much to do that to you, dear reader.

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