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Comic Review: Iron Fist #5


A dragon is unleashed and an old foe resurfaces. The iron fists of Danny Rand have been crushed and not everything is as it appears (however strange the appearance is anyway).

We all thought the monstrosity before Iron Fist was his father revived. It turns out it’s The One, the last obstacle Danny had to face before receiving his legendary power. He’s joined by some other guests that Danny killed and they are back for revenge. 

Pei and the friend of fist, Brenda, are stuck in the stair well facing a demon spider looking woman. They defeat it but more danger arrives, which Brenda distracts while Pei runs away. She escapes some ninjas but falls down into a deep hole. Her bag falls off and opens, the contents released from its prison. A dragon has awoken. We’ll see where this goes next issue.