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Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #17

So the ladies Angela and Gamora have fought their way clear of the Badoon, Star-Lord and his new gal-pal Captain Marvel created some chaos on Spartax, and Rocket has been put back together and his memory erased from the recent events with the Supreme Intelligence. Drax is recovered in space in a scene similar to that of Gamora and Peter Quill in the recent movie. And Groot has been abandoned on Rigel 8. They all end up back together but only half of the team seemed to really be in any sort of danger. Drax should have died at the hands of Gladiator. Groot was pretty messed up out there on his own. And Rocket was all sorts of messed up, until nicely put back together and returned.

Everyone is back together by issue’s end except for a certain symbiote that Peter Quill swore he would look after. They actually run into him in Knowhere as he is lingers in the shadows. I’m not sure what to make of the panels there. It seems at first like he wants to reach out to them so they see him but he withdraws and disappears. Was the symbiotic going to attack? Is Flash lost somewhere in the consciousness of Venom? 

The art changes in the middle of the battle between Drax and Gladiator. It wasn’t a drop in quality but very different in style. It is more unconventional from Nick Bradshaw’s art and is actually similar to that of early issues of Ten Grand. I think if they didn’t have the art duties split in the middle of a story it wouldn’t have been so bad. I wonder where the Guardians will go next. Spartax has been turned upside down and they have just encountered most of all of their adversaries individually. Also, is Captain Marvel sticking around? Will Venom come back? We’ll just have to see. 

Favorite Panel: I love the relationship that has developed between Angela and Gamora. They appreciate each other as warriors and combatants, evidenced here: