Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #16


Issue #16 finds the Guardians spread across the cosmos. They are collectively facing Badoon, Shi’Ar, Skrulls and King J’Son (and, unknowingly, the Supreme Intelligence). Whoever he is. No really, who is he/it?

Bendis moves the story forward as we see Gamora & Drax facing their judgments. Flash has been separated from the Venom symbiote as the Skrulls try to have one of their own wield it’s power. See my favorite panel for how that goes for them. Drax faces judgment from Gladiator and the Shi’Ar government and challenges him to a battle to the death. Odds that one of them actually dies though are at 1,000,000:1. I thought the screens in the hall showing details of Drax’s past were a nice touch. I’m really looking forward to Angela and Gamora busting necks and breaking caps as they bust through all those Badoon. I really enjoy their bond as one warrior with another and how they don’t want to be left out of each other’s battles. 

Peter Quill comes face to face with his daddo after being caught by Captain Marvel in free fall. He claims to have seen her before he jumped, but I’m not so sure about that. The empire sees that J’Son is really a creep, if they didn’t figure that out already, and Supreme Intelligence boasts that he has all the information he needed. Rocket and Groot…what? They’re not really in this issue. Two panels with Rocket and no Groot? Rocket doesn’t even speak? Hmmm….

There are three artists for this issue of Guardians. I think most of us prefer one artist an issue unless it’s some Jumbo Mega Sized Commemorative. Now we get three artists in…issue #16? I prefer the style of the second artist, David Marquez, over (I guess ongoing) series artist Nick Bradshaw. 

Overall I still enjoy receiving my Guardians. People knock Bendis but he writes a lot of the titles that I subscribe to so I have no issues with him. As for the art, I guess I’m going to have to get used to Bradshaw’s panels. Or at least tolerate it.

Movie Note: I was watching Jawiin earlier this month and he asked a good question: how is it that Star-Lord is now “conveniently” in the costume from the movie? Is it explained in the comic or does he just show up in this new attire. I enjoy the spacesuit he rocked at the beginning of this volume but we’ll see how long he’s in this trenchcoat and jeans. Back to Jawiin’s question though, in issue 15 you can see the aforementioned spacesuit hanging in a locker when Rocket is coming in to wake him up.

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