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Comic Review: Day Men #4

I really wish that Day Men came out more frequently. It’s a great concept, a different spin on the vampire lore and it’d be nice to experience this world every month. The next issue, however, is coming in November. At least the guys at Boom! have the decency to tell us, “We’re back in November…,” unlike DC’s Batman/Superman which consistently moves back, and back, and back. All I’m saying is I hope they stick to their schedule. There is great promise with a new take on the vampire story and lore. 

Now on to the issue. There is a new element introduced in relation to the fang trade. There are beings known as the Scourge. They are humans who have been turned into vampires. There also turns out to be an Old Families conglomerate that can regulate/negotiate conflicts between families? That’s pretty interesting. It must be like The Authority from True Blood. I hope the creative team here gets more involved in the politics of this world.