Comic Review: Daredevil #7


It’s my first foray into Wakanda and I hope to visit it more often as Marvel announced the upcoming Black Panther movie starring Jackie Robinson and James Brown. We don’t meet T’Challa here however, he’s been jettisoned by his sister Shuri and is not so welcoming to outsiders. Mark Waid made a very good decision for Daredevil to “Matt Murdock” his mother out of the country. Granted he has a valuable ace up his sleeve but it was well done and acknowledged as such by the Queen.

Javier Rodriguez tackles the colors as normal, but he also pencils this issue. He’s leaving to a new title, the name of which eludes me at the moment. Since the colors are the same as previous issues the tone is much the same. I enjoyed the temporary difference in art, however, and if this were the future of Daredevil I would not complain at all. Chris Samnee will be back and so will the usual aesthetic but this was a nice break. 

The best part of this issue deals with a very serious problem: postpartum depression. Last issue we are left assuming this woman left an abusive relationship and left her son to fend for himself. Now we find out she left to protect her son from herself. She needed help and she eventually found help with the church. The entire “letters” section of this issue includes valuable information on different perinatal mood disorders. It’s a solid read and kudos to Mark Waid and Marvel for using Daredevil as a forum to educate.

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