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Comic Review: Daredevil #6

This is a great two page spread that is amazing in it’s construction. It is also well done  in it’s presentation on the guided view in the digital read. Since it’s not really sequential, the reader is guided all over the page to the various sounds Daredevil is sifting through. I applaud Marvel with its selection to move the eye all over the page. 

We see Matt Murdock dealing with the ramifications of his visions from The Watcher’s eye. He tries tracking down his mother who is now, or has been, a nun. He finds out she’s in jail after some hijinks at a military base. She’s being shipped off to Wakanda and Matt tries to get to the bottom of it. Daredevil finds out there’s some shady stuff going on between an American General and a Wakandan lieutenant, then is dealt with by some ultrasound, a pipe, and a nasty fall. We close with Sister Maggie and the other prisoners already on their way to Wakanda. Next issue, Daredevil will be in tow.

I like the art. I think Javier Rodriguez did a suitable job filling in for Chris Samnee. Their styles are very similar but there’s a touch of realism in the details that Javier adds. I’m not sure if he’s in for all of the Original Sin tie-in but I hope I can see more of his work.