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Comic Review: Daredevil #4

We left Matt Murdock falling last issue falling into a pit of fire. We start right there and see he’s able to avoid becoming a Devil Kabob with the help of The Shroud, even though he’s then left behind to deal with some low life thugs. He makes his way through the thugs and the premises of The Owl to meet up with Kirsten McDuffie for lunch and selfies. The life of an outed superhero can be interesting.


The Owl has convinced Max Coleridge to get him into a facility, sight unseen, with some tech he desires. It’s explained to The Shroud as the “bleeding edge of surveillance” that can be delivered straight into the brain. Pretty freaky and by the end of Daredevil’s intervention, Owlsley has absorbed (?) this ability into himself. After first read I didn’t see the appeal or purpose of this new capability but think about how wise owl’s are supposed to be and now you have a villain who can surveil anyone.

The issue wraps with some stern talking by Daredevil to his “partner” and tries to have him realize he was used by The Owl and the two of them could have found Shroud’s girlfriend, Julia, on their own.

I’m getting used to the art as each issue passes. I just have to switch off my desire for immense detail, although Samnee is deceptively detailed in his landscapes.

The next issue is supposed to deal with Foggy Nelson and his “death” and I’m not quite sure when Waid is going to come back and address Julia and The Shroud. I’ll just have to see.