Comic Review: Daredevil #16

Storytellers: Mark Waid & Chris Samnee; Colorist: Matthew Wilson

I missed issue #15 but the synopsis filled me in, a little bit. The Shroud was definitely the one who kidnapped The Owl and hooked him up to all of those wires. The Shroud was gathering information on Matt and released a slew of malicious information to the public on his personal and professional life. So now Daredevil must go to, of all people, The Kingpin to help fix this situation.

It’s ironic that Wilson Fisk set up shop in the same place as Daredevil. They both play it off and get down to business. Matt wants protection and Kingpin is the only one who can provide it. Meanwhile Foggy and Kirsten lay in waiting as The Shroud, The Owl and Jubula Pride search for Julia Carpenter, a former flame of The Shroud (I had to look that up).

This is a tricky issue. I don’t think missing #15 hurt me that much but this issue is real intense. When Foggy and Kirsten are waiting to hear from Matt they are attacked by Ikari, a furious ninja assassin that is very close to a mirror of Daredevil. This guy immediately comes across as a badass. He claims to have radar sense, plus he wears a “ninjafied” version of Daredevil’s first costume, and he’s been hired to deal with Matt’s associates by The Kingpin. 

While that was going on Wilson and Daredevil were negotiating the death of Matt Murdock. He is willing to hand over the reigns of his public life to his fiercest enemy for the sake of those he loves and cares about. This offer suprised Fisk no doubt, and he’s mulling it over, enough so that he’s sacrificing being off the grid from The Owl’s megasurveillance to discuss it with Ikari. 

Now down to the nitty gritty. This is an amazing issue to view. Chris Samnee changed his style just a little bit to show the darker turn this series is head towards on it’s way to the finale. The entirety of the Fisk/Murdock scene looks like art from another title, but in a good way. If you read any of my X-Men reviews they got to a point where multiple artists were killing the comic for me. There aren’t multiple artists here. It’s still just Chris Samnee on solo duties, but that change in imagery could mess with your head a little if it’s not done well and it is done well here. Just look at The Kingpin’s art collection:

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