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Comic Review: Daredevil #14

Storytellers: Mark Waid & Chris Samnee; Colors: Matthew Wilson; Cover: Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson

Matt Murdock has been outed and is fully embracing costume-freedom. Well, he has been ever since moving to San Francisco but in issue #14 he’s fully embracing the spirit of no longer leading two live: one as Matt Murdock killer defense attorney and the other as Daredevil wrecker of evil. After a motivational conversation with Kirsten McDuffie’s father, Matt realizes; “…


So now Daredevil starts rocking an awesome red three-piece suit, complete with black shirt and matching red tie. Daredevil is sporting a brand new buzz cut as well. He’s slick, smooth and ready (still) to fight crime. Now he’s open to do so whenever he can and with the help of all those around him


Daredevil comes across a vigilante who seems to know who he is, but he does not recognize. She is the daughter of The Owl who has disappeared and she is hunting down information as to his whereabouts. Matt joins the chase and they track down Owlsley in a warehouse looking like this…


The Shroud is there as well (we came across him earlier in this Volume). These wires are running data through The Owl and he’s looking at all this information searching for someone. Who? We’re left wondering because Jubula Pride (I’ll call her Owlette like from the new PJ Masks cartoon) jumps at The Shroud. “Why?” you ask. Well during the search for Owlsley the trail led to different groups of gangs all wearing this talisman. It’s mentioned in passing and I missed the connection at first but the talisman has the same marking on that blinds The Shroud. 

Chris Samnee’s art and it’s attention to detail is spectacular. The expressions and background elements add a lot to the story which can be missed on the first read. I’ve gone through the issue three times and it’s better and better on each read. 

Daredevil. Great read so read it.