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Comic Review: Cyclops #4

I always seem to be late to hear the news. Greg Rucka’s run on Cyclops will end with #5 apparently and it bums me out. I hope the new crew John Layman and Javier Garron continue the great, no, magnificent work Mr. Rucka was doing. Anyway, now onto this issue.

These two are great. They’re working out their issues and growing together as men. The wisdom of an older, wiser (yet still pirate-y) Corsair is such a benefit to the teenage Scott. He has dealt with the older Cyclops and is really getting a second chance to prove he is a capable father. 

These guys have 27 days to figure out a way off of this planet or Corsair will die. He will run out of meds and Scott will be left there all alone. There is a struggle of motivation early on in the issue as Scott’s father tries to teach him self-defense with a blade. It could be all for not, as it is for Cyclops, or it can keep their minds off of their current situation.

I have praised this series so far for it’s men-bonding and there’s more of it here. The thing is it never feels over done, or unrealistic. These are just two men trying to figure each other, and themselves out.

Read this comic. At least the ones with Greg Rucka. I’ll just have to see about the new writer when we get there.