Comic Review: Cyclops #3

Finally, I’m back in the cosmos with young Cyclops and his sick dad. Cyclops opens writing a letter and I think this narrative technique works in this situation. It’s not always well done. I think the art has to accentuate the thoughts behind the words in the letter, much like G.I. Joe’s first farewell issue (#155). The letter is not carried past the first two pages but it jumps the timeline forward from last issue in a nice way. 

Moving on now, I like how Scott is just chilling in a spaceship wearing his jammy pants, overlooking the galaxy as he writes a letter to Jean, no Bobby, no Hank, no, actually to himself.  I can appreciate also that the only physical action that occurs is a crash of their ship. The rest is all important character development and relationship building.

Scott suspects his dad of taking drugs and from Corsair’s behavior he feels right on point with that assumption. Chris goes on to share the story of his death, one I had never heard before. He speaks of Vulcan and The Shrouded, of whom I knew nothing before this issue, however I felt the impact they have had on Corsair. Hats off to Greg Rucka and his brilliant writing. I’ve become a fan of his through Lazarus and I’m pleased Marvel snagged him for this title.

Russell Dauterman and Chris Sotomayor deserve serious props as well. The artwork is the perfect companion to the writing. I would dare say moreso in this title than most I am reading. I think my favorite panel is a great example: 


If you aren’t reading this title yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up next time you’re at your local comic shop.

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