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Comic Review: Batman #41-43

Superheavy, Parts 1-3

Writer: Scott Snyder; Pencils: Greg Capullo; Inks: Danny Miki; Colors: FCO Plascencia; Cover: Capullo, Miki & Plascencia

All right, all right let’s do this. OK, for those who don’t know, Batman is now Jim Gordon because the last we saw of Bruce Wayne/Batman was he and Joker lying in the bottom of a cave battered, bloodied and ready to die. 

There’s some great background into the creation of this new robotic Batman reluctantly piloted by Jim Gordon. We also meet the team behind the operation. A couple of the members are Julia Perry (read: Pennyworth) on tech and Daryl Gutierrez, inventor of the suit. 

The question of issue #41 is why the former commissioner is the dawning this new cowl:


In the next issue we find how tech based the team is. There is a Bat-truck tied with GPS location tied into the suit. We also have the community BatApp, a crowdsourced emergency alert tied to the Bat team. There is some training involved in being Batman which Jim is trying to accomplish. One of which is throwing Batarangs. Julia tells him to just stick to the gun version, not too long after she is figured out be “Buff” Gordon. 

We hear about Mr. Bloom in Part 2. The new weed of Gotham’s underbelly is supplying different gang leaders and influential meanies with a “drug” that pulls out a distinctive trait from each user. Where will this lead us in terms of new problems for Batman? It’ll definitely diversify the portfolio.


Part 3 expands from the initial meetup of Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne at the end of last issue. This is not the Bruce we readers know, however, he is a more pure version of himself. As explained by Alfred to Clark Kent (Superman), Bruce changed in the caves. The Dionesium from the Joker’s body melded into the wounds of Batman. He reappeared days later with no real memory and through Alfred he learned of his past. He was told everything. Everything but his  decision to become The Bat. He still wants to make a difference in Gotham so he decides to work with his “girlfriend” Julie Madison at the Lucius Fox Youth Center.  

We see Mr. Bloom on the page for the first time. He meets with The Penguin and it doesn’t go so well for either of them at certain points during their discussion. It’s a pretty horrific encounter, and I know that is how Scott Snyder wanted to take this character. 

3 ends with some low points for a few different characters. Gordon is stuck in a furnace. Julia had her face planted into a car window. The Penguin has a not-so-good encounter with Mr. Bloom,

High point of these first three parts of SUPERHEAVY is when Scott gets meta. There are bunny references about the robot suit. There’s even this panel that is completely in reference to something else but, hey, it can reference the criticisms of the suit design:


And then there’s the treatment of the two page Twix ad (just imagine Twix images with Nick Lachey under these two pages):


Kudos to you guys for this ridiculous distraction to story flow.

The real biggest high point is the description of Batman’s DNA invention to somehow program successors so the Batman can continue throughout the ages. The implementation had not been figured when he “died” and Alfred questions it’s ethical uses. Superman wanted to immediately expose it to this new Bruce to get the old Batman back. But it won’t be that simple. This new Bruce does not know that life. He doesn’t want a vigilante life. So it’ll be interesting to see how long Jim is Batman and when NAIVE Bruce will come around to the dark side and rejoin the night.