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Comic Review: Batman #32

Batman #32

We join Snyder and Capullo for the penultimate chapter of their “Zero Year.” I’ve enjoyed this tale of Batman’s first great adventure in Gotham. Even more I have enjoyed seeing The Riddler in action. He was always my favorite Bat-nemesis on Batman: The Animated Series. I mean, The Joker is The Joker, but outside of him my next two were The Riddler and Two-Face. So it pleases me to no end that Edward Nygma is who Bruce is dealing with.

The tension builds as Lucius, Gordon, and Batman try to find where The Riddler is originating his signal. Jim is underground with SEALs in old train tunnels. Lucius is running tech in a truck and Bruce is running around, climbing, and taking down Riddler drones. Mr. Fox and Batman figure out the significance of the Riddler boxes in the old train tunnels and rush on a last ditch effort to save the city. The end of this issue was like “But wait, there’s more!” (as seen above). I wanted it to keep going.

I’m guessing Bruce’s search for “a new butler” will pay off next issue? If that indeed was Alfred, then man, he can grow some facial hair.

Greg Capullo’s art is top notch as always. Not much else to say about that. Until next time.