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Comic Review: All-New X-Men #29

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing X-23 in action. She’s pissed and I’m not sure if she’s so scary because she’s a female Wolverine or because she’s a woman with claws, literally. I know Wolverine is featured in every comic possible (and then some) but he has not been as utilized in battle in this manner for some time, in my opinion.

The way Stuart Immonen lays out the first four pages of panels is spot on as Jean guides Laura through the grounds to her location. Instead of one fave panel I’ve included those first few pages:

We then witness the true power of the young Xavier. He has not only been controlling the Evil Brotherhood the entire time, he then is able to take over the X-Men and have them start going at it with each other. Craziness, but then it gets a little confusing. Jean and the Stepfords create a hive mind and bring Xavier into it but then he is able to physically flee the area and block himself from the sight of the rest of the mutants. Then Raze gets confined courtesy of Iceman and Molly Hayes wants to go ballistic on his ass. She’s held back by Future Beast, who not a few panels earlier told his younger younger self to find Xavier and kill him. Then we find out the Xorn character (future Jean??) was just a mass of stuff put together by Xavier. Weird.

So FB tells YYB to never stop trying to fix their mistake, then the future Brotherhood is returned to the future. We don’t see how Raze is dealt with but we do see that Xavier is sent to S.H.I.E.L.D. and Maria Hill, who then allow him to write a letter, which is the letter that the Xavier and Raze receive in the future. That got all wonky. 

On a less weird note and an actually nice ending, we see Warren talking things out with Laura and inviting her to Bob Evans. As X-23 would not want to be carried around by her flying compatriot, Angel goes and pulls a “Wolverine” and borrows Cyclops’ motorcycle. This should get interesting.

I’m very excited that Sara Pichelli is doing the pencil duties next issue. She and Immonen are my favorite artists right now.