Comic Review: All-New X-Factor #12

All-New X-Factor is one of my best reads month-in and month-out. 

This issue opens with another one of those secret meetings Pietro and Alex Summers have every few issues or so. During the conversation, this panel happens: 

Basically, X-Factor is seen as the minor leagues to a group such as the Avengers, or even the X-Men. It’s like Peter David is talking straight to the reader and anyone else who is doubting this series. Some might say, “X-Factor, ugh, that’s such a B-team title…like New Warriors.” But this iteration of the team, through the leadership of Mr. David and Carmine Di Giandomenico, has risen above expectations, especially my own.

I never read X-Factor before. I knew it was a government team of mutants led by Cyclops’ brother. That was about it. Plus it had a guy named “Strong Guy”…what a name. I picked up the All-New title mostly because it had Gambit in it and I was starving for some Remy after missing his solo title when I got back into comics. It was like watching the first few episodes of a new TV show. Seeing them gather their bearings and figure who they are as an entity. ANXF has done that and is not ashamed of what they are at all, even to the point they can have an issue (this one) with no crazy action sequences and be an amazing read. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the character interactions in this issue. Havok and Quicksilver. Remy and Mr. Snow. Danger and Warlock. Cypher and Georgia Dakei. Each character continues to evolve and grow, individually and as a team. 

I could run through the rest of issue item by item but I think you should read ANXF if you aren’t already. You won’t regret it, not one bit.

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