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Comic Review: All-New X-Factor #11

Favorite Panel: Carmine Di Giandomenico lays out panels unlike most any other comic out there. This page is just an example. The whole issue is like this and it’s beautiful.

At the end of issue #10, Remy was left behind when Harrison Snow teleported X-Factor back to Serval Industries. The tone of that abandonment echoes throughout these pages.

The situation for Remy LeBeau looks dire. He’s getting shock tortured and has no means of fighting back. Polaris, meanwhile, is trying to figure out what is going on with the teleported and how Gambit was left behind. She’s getting “Snow-balled” and Harrison is avoiding her questions.

Quicksilver is depicted, again, expertly using his powers, especially on pages 7 and 8. Memento Mori ends up paying everyone a visit and the key to bringing him down is not a building-wide force field or a classic case of deception. It’s Georgia’s mother, Dakota. Turns out that she can wield magic, and was thirsty for power way back when. Except when she harnessed the power of the sun the longing for power entered her husband instead of herself.

There are some questions at the end of the issue. Did Dakota magically take away the powers and thus drain both of them of their life force? Perhaps we’ll find out later. Georgia has gone through quite the journey over the past few issues. I hope the development continues, not just for her but the overall team. What steps do they take next? Does Georgia stay with Serval until she figures out what she wants to do next? We’ll just have to see.