Comic Review: All-New X-Factor #10

Gambit, man, what did that dame get you into now? Granted, Remy didn’t know it was Snow’s wife he was found in bed with, but still. Just the worst luck.

This was another great issue brought to us by Serval Industries. This is a corporate backed mutant team with a corporate mission. The comic also has a corporate presentation: from the summary sheet in the front to how they always put a name card when the team members first appear in the issue. Plus the “Sponsored By:” tag on the cover. It’s all wrapped up in a nice package.

On to the issue now, I was pretty surprised that Snow showed actual concern for Georgia Dakei. He’s thought of already as this cold businessman who just does what will benefit his company and that’s it. Here is Georgia, a girl he took from her “father” so she could have a home, and when she’s attacked with some of the team and taken away by Memento Mori he is overheard by Gambit expressing concern for her safety. Now it could really be that he has some plan for using her and her abilities in the future but his worry did not come across as not wanting to lose a business asset.

Star Trek here we come with Serval’s teleportation machine. Teleportation machine? Yes, a teleportation machine. It was illustrated perfectly with take-off and landing shown right in-line. I thought Carmine Di Giandomenico made it look great (check out below). The reactions were priceless, although I think there’s a no-prize for anyone who read the sequence and saw Cypher see them come in but then wonder where Warlock came from three panels later. Memento Mori could prove to be a worthy villain. He’s already been operating his dastardly plans in plain sight. He operates out of a headquarters attached to a 24/7 mall. How big of a security upgrade is that? Whoever thought of the idea for Mori should get a promotion or raise, or at least a Head Henchman title. Something. Anything.  

Why are the machines the funniest characters? The comedy comes from different means as well. Danger just has zero understanding of quips or sarcasm, and knows no boundaries when she speaks. Warlock has personality but is still a machine, so he takes everything literally. He’s also lovestruck with Danger. That wasn’t shown in this issue but I’m not sure if I’ve made note of it before. In a pretty sweet use of character powers, Warlock turns into a big ass motorcycle, protecting Georgia and Doug inside. He receives some damage, and afterwards, in one of his many attempts to be as human as he can be, but some of the team just, almost, take for granted he’s a machine. Pietro checks up on Georgia and Cypher after one scene and Warlock is there telling him he’s ok as well if he had any concerns. Pietro replies that he really wasn’t concerned. A similar scene follows with Remy, much to Warlock’s dismay.

And uh oh for Remy, how is he getting out of this one? Abandoned by the team inadvertently and by Snow outright. I wonder what Memento Mori has in store for the cajun.

Favorite Panel: Transporter anyone?


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