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(Belated) Comic Reviews: Cyclops #10-11

Writer: John Layman; Art: Javier Garrón; Colors: Chris Sotomayor; Cover: Alexander Lozano

Corsair and Cyclops are free from their recent burden of the Desolation and its crew but young Scott has some guilt. He’s left behind a crew he has come to know and get along with. He’s most guilty though of leaving behind a woman he has feelings for. Will that come back to bite him? Probably. 

The Summers Two manage to get off the planet after creating an “Avatar” lion stampede on the Shi’ar and stealing their ship which looks a little like the Imperial transport. Scott realizes that it spells certain doom for the Desolation crew and turns the ship around. As a father I loved what happened next. Corsair didn’t object. He’s proud of his son’s decision, and it leads him to make a change of heart. And it works on Valesh Malafect until his daughter let her heart broken voice be heard.

Talk about being in a bind: they were out of danger and it all turns on their head. It’s a good thing Corsair destroyed the Shi’ar starcracker before he escaped the Desolation. Valesh decides not to kill the Summerses but he is going to take them to Tjaro-6 to sell them. The Starjammers are there as well on sale by some lizard people. Vileena wants to kill Scott, and there’s just no convincing her otherwise. She even lets them escape their cell so she can catch them and hunt them down. It doesn’t really end well for the Malafects. In this squabble of fathers protecting their children, someone goes down in a tragic accident. So we end these issues with a new captain of the Desolation, and the Starjammers are on their way to apprehend the Black Vortex to land a huge payload.

And so will soon begin my dive into the Black Vortex. This event was so popular, and demand for issues so high that I can’t find Captain Marvel’s chapter, the one in Guardians of the Galaxy Team Up or one of the Star-Lord issues. I hope I can track them down, I’ve heard nothing but good things. 

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