(Belated) Comic Review: X-Men #26

The Burning World: Part 4 – Conclusion

Writer: G. Willow Wilson; Penciler: Roland Boschi; Colorist: Lee Loughridge; Cover Artists:Rachel and Terry Dodson

It’s Rachel’s turn to narrate in G. Willow Wilson’s conclusion to her X-Men run. The Krakoa is ill, the Inhumans have nothing to do with it, and Rachel unearthed the memoryof the desert and the experiments that were conducted there. Wow, that was a mouthful. 


I really like Wilson’s voice in this title. Brian Wood started it out but she is bringing it home. The X-Men face this Dark Krakoa in hopes of taking it out in a painless way and supplanting a part of it next to the Krakoa back in New York. The beast was created in these experiments for a bomb and it backfired on all of those involved.

The connection from Krakoa with Dark Krakoa is still a little fuzzy. Beast couldn’t find one but there is some sort of “life after death” element to this rock according to Jubilee. Storm experienced it when she saw Logan in the cave. It’s actually quite beautiful how Wilson brought everything together to further show the impact of Wolverine’s death. I’ll close with the words from her last few panels:

“Something always remains. It might not be something real, in the provable sens of the word, but to those who are left behind, it is significant. It’s what allows us to keep going, to function around the hole that loss leaves in its wake. It allows us to hope. It allows us to live.”

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