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(Belated) Comic Review: X-Men #21-22

Exogenous, Parts 4 & 5; Writer: Marc Guggenheim; Pencils: Harvey Tolibao & Dexter Soy

Issue #21: Manifold Tyger has gone full on baddie now that he is found out. He’s ripping women to shreds, namely Cecilia Reyes and Storm. According to the S.W.O.R.D. computers, they are flat-lined. 

Sharada unveils her Broodskrulls and plans to attack The Peak. And the recording the psychics were all investigating reveals that Manifold Tyger is a traitor. Note: There’s a Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock reference here which was funny.

Deathbird wakes up and commences her search for revenge on Manifold Tyger. She gets the jump on him. Dr. Reyes gives a sitrep that she and Ororo are dying (pretty much) but are held together by small force fields. The psychics meet up with the rest of the team and Deathbird figures Rachel will let her take her vengeance, because of the whole Shi’Ar killing her family bit. No go, but they all may be dead soon anyway because of Sharada’s minions.

Issue #22: The X-Men get into space suits and take the fight outside. 

Manifold Tyger is interrogated by his former boss but gets his just due when Deathbird pops up out of nowhere and…

He was never going to give them information on Sharada but Deathbird knows it anyway. So Agent Brand is OK with that. 

Storm is difibrilated while the Broodskrulls close around everyone. Sharada then comes in to have a monologue and threaten doom. That’s spoiled and Rachel saves D’Keth, but still hates him. D’Keth thanks her and tells her he is in her debt. She says f— that and repays him with all of her pain and heartache.

Oh yeah, the heart of this arc, Deathbird’s Shi’ar/mutant/Kree hybrid baby,  survives the battle despite injuries to Deathbird. That’s nice. 

You know what wasn’t so nice? The constant shift in art, especially with the high quality covers provided by Team Dodson. Like does this page look like it belongs in the same group of images in this post? 

I don’t think it does. Then there are the direct comparisons to be made between the main artists, Soy and Tolibao. See below:

I can’t tell you who drew what. Also, I have never seen so much gradient in use. Blue. Red. Orange. The entire arc of Marc Guggenheim, in my opinion, is dragged down a notch due to the artist flipfloppery and shortcuts.

I enjoy watching Arrow but I think I would have to really study what artist is working with him on his next comic run if I am to read him again.