(Belated) Comic Review: Wild Blue Yonder #6

Story and Writer: Mike Raicht; Story and Art: Zach Howard; Story: Austin Harrison; Colors: Nelson Daniel 


The art and writing of WBY operate on a playing field that soars high above most other titles on the rack right now. You can tell everyone is on the same page throughout development. Plus, Zach Howard has some mad skills. Just check these pencils out:


The Hardcover Trade of Wild Blue Yonder came out yesterday. There is great work all around and I suggest you pick it up before reading my review of issue #6. Caught up now? OK, let’s go onto the finale.

I reread issues 1-5 before diving into the final issue. I had a back-up on my reading list and I was finally able to get to this much anticipated ending to this story. I relived the “oh this is going to be great” along with the “what-the-what!” I could also see the subtle hints of what was to come in Tug’s story through small expressions and statements as he came to know the crew, moments when he wants to tell the truth even. Tug’s sacrifice at the end of #5…wow, just wow. 

We receive the full history of the first encounter with The Dawn from The Judge’s perspective. That’s a badass mutha. Then we get the air battle of all air battles and aerial fisticuffs. 

This issue rides a lot on the art. It’s a more cinematic style issue. There’s a nice three page group of panels where Scram destroys The Judge’s fuel barge. The panels of The Judge’s crashing/ed plane are rigid, rough, hard to read but it’s all in a good way. It helps convey the grittiness of war, the impending death (maybe?) and the piles of wreckage onboard The Dawn. 

Read Wild Blue Yonder as soon as you can. It’s an amazing miniseries. I hope there’s a volume 2 with chapters 7-12. I want to know what happened with Lodge, Dr. Sarah Stephens and the rest of their people. If not, I’m glad I came across this bad boy of a series. It’s one I’ll recommend for a long time. 

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