(Belated) Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #30-32

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Pencils: Chris Bachalo; Inks: Tim Townsend, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazara, Al Vey; Colors: Chris Bachalo and Antonio Fabela

This series of issues dealing with the time paradox through Eva’s mutant ability presents some questions, answers, and aww moments that ripple through the X-Men both of the Jean Grey and New Xavier schools.

We’ve been dealing with Matthew Malloy and Charles Xavier’s last will and deception since issue #23. I think it’s been a little drawn out, but the stakes and repercussions have been raised with each part of this story. When all hope is lost after last issue, Eva meets up with a still alive Charles Xavier to work through how to deal with this all-powerful, untrained mutant.


She does some things. He does some things. And the world is the better for it but Charles still dies and instead of revealing he was a hypocrite in suppressing a mutants powers, he bequeathes everything to Scott, or Ororo if he is incapacitated. Scott senses something is awry and confronts Miss Bell:


It is all for the “better”, however, as Scott Summers discovers his Revolution may be impossible to complete. Storm gets the Mansion and more students and Cyclops plans on turning himself in for the murder of Charles Xavier.

Both Emma and Alex ask what the hell he’s thinking. They also ask him what was the mutant revolution supposed to be? They try to pry the true meaning of the mutant revolution and what it was supposed to be in the 3 preceeding pages of this spread. Cyclops’ answer just starts here and ends with a good point by Havok:


Emma is positive that Scott would have followed through on his threat of revolution. The Brothers Summers get to brainstorming some sort of idea by the end of #32. Where will it lead? We very rarely get brother moments of Alex and Scott. After this whole Battleworld thing, I hope the two can interact more and more with each other.  (Side note: what happened to Alex’s face? Last I saw of him in All-New X-Factor he didn’t have any kinds of facial scarring.)

One last question: where did Ilyana take Kitty? That was weird. Maybe I’ll find out in the Black Vortex story.

I loved the covers in this set of three except the one from #31 is confusing because 1) Havok isn’t even in the issue, and 2) they aren’t even fighting in issue #32 where he does show up. I don’t know. The cover for #32 is ingenious with Scott standing over the previous iterations of himself. #30 had a Kris Anka cover of the New Xavier School X-Ladies and it got me to thinking. Why can’t the X-Men title alternate between the women of each school, or why couldn’t it is probably better. Especially with Dazzler, Magik and Emma Frost being such dynamic characters. I think they would add some spice to the sometimes stagnant stories presented in X-Men after Brian Wood left. 

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