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(Belated) Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #29

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Art: Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba, Al Vey, Antonio Fabela & Jose Villarrubia


Ilyana Rasputin’s time travel comes in handy, if but for a moment.

Magik consults with Dr. Strange from the past on how to contain/defeat Matthew Malloy and they devise this plan with the Eye of Agamotto.

In the present, Magneto and Cyclops discuss the pros/cons of Scott’s plan with Mr. Malloy. Erik finds out though that he may have a hand in the “new” Cyclops and his attitude. 

Eva, aka Tempus, brings it upon herself to do something about the possible impending doom coming down the pipeline for her favorite teacher. See her power is time travel/manipulation, and she theorizes she can talk to Professor X and warn him about the mind “firewalls” sotospeak he implements on Matthew. 

Flash over to the Jean Grey School and all of the X-Men are recovering from the will and the Newberry fallout. Beast bears the bad news of no human help and shares a nugget he stumbled upon: the government is going to attack Scott and this new mutant. Ships have already been dispatched and…you’ll just have to read the end.