(Belated) Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men #27

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Pencils: Chris Bachalo; Inks: Tim Townsend, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba, Al Vey; Colors: Jose Villarrubia, Rain Beredo


This issue is MAJOR.This alternating between Kris Anka and Chris Bachalo has allowed both of them to ramp up the awesomeness in their artwork. It was hard to find a favorite panel in this issue because they were all top notch. They translated equally well digitally and on the page. The team of people inking and coloring provide a seamless, high-quality measuring stick of a job with their work here. They are very rich and saturated, but also subtle and nuanced.

Read this issue, forget that read the arc (starting in Issue #25) and that will make this issue much more impactful than if you just read it alone. I think it would still be an outstanding read if you choose to forego that option. Brian Michael Bendis is top notch here and I really feel that Uncanny X-Men is his top title. Cyclops pulls a major coup at the end of the issue that is very unexpected (unless you’ve read the above panels) and you’re just like, “Damn!“

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