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(Belated) Comic Review: Thor #6

Writer: Jason Aaron; Art: Russell Dauterman; Colors: Matthew Wilson

Yes this is more recent than when I usually get to review issues but Thor is Thor even if he’s a woman [weird sentence there] and I love it.

The Odinson continues his quest to find out the true identity of the Goddess of Thunder. The All-Father is determined to get to the bottom of things as well and, last issue, set The Destroyer on this “imposter.”

Dario Agger and Malekith have come into a delicate alliance that, as long as it benefits the both of them, benefits both of their plans throughout the realms. Malekith receives the skull of Laufey for his mission of conquest, while the Minotaur will reap the spoils of resources from these conquered lands.  

We are led to question Jane Foster as Thor and believe a strong suspect is Roz Solomon. So is Odinson but I say it’s all a ruse. Just my thoughts and by the way, the cover of this issue is wonderful. Especially Loki, who is yet to show up in this run of Thor by Jason Aaron, pointing at himself like, “Who, me?” Great decision Mr. Dauterman. 

We end with Thor being confronted by the Destroyer as she is engaging with the Villains Two. What will happen next? I wonder.

NOTE: I read Jason Aaron’s tweet not too long ago about writing the Thor reveal. I got goosebumps in anticipation. It should be a good one. I’ve never followed Thor this closely before in my life. I’m glad I joined in on the fun when I came back to comics.