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(Belated) Comic Review: Thor #1


An underwater research facility. Sharks with lasers. Frost Giants under the water. Asgardian royals on the moon. Just a sample of what’s in store in issue #1’s opening pages. 

Thor Odinson is on the moon, reeling from his encounter with Nick Fury during the Original Sin event. He is yet to pick Mjolnir back up from the surface. He is unworthy of the Asgardian hammer and no one knows why. Freyja and Odin goback and forth in a very old school-vs-new school kind of way on both the Thor situation and Asgard’s. Hugin and Munin bring word to Odin of the trouble on Earth as the Frost Giants attempt to find and revive Laufey, with Malekith’s help.

The Malekith in the comics and the one presented on screen in Thor: The Dark World (to me) are vastly different. Mostly, I enjoyed the character in the comics. Not that he’s a good guy, but he is a much more interesting character. He had his arc in Thor: God of Thunder that went amazingly well. 

Malekith engages with Thor, teasing him as they fight that something is different about the (former?) God of Thunder. He finally places what it is and shows Thor the bright side, now he doesn’t need two arms! Yup, there it is folks. This is where Thor the All-Father got his arm chopped off.

We end with the big reveal. “There must always be a Thor” and indeed there still is. Mjolnir’s inscription changes from “…if he be worthy…” to “…if she be worthy…” and then, BLADOW new Thor has the hammer.

The entire issue is beautifully drawn and colored. I’m a big fan of Dauterman from his Cyclops run. His Frost Giants are pretty badass and his Malekith is whimsical and terrifying at the same time.

Until next time…