(Belated) Comic Review: Storm #8-9

Writer: Greg Pak; Artist: Al Barrionuevo; Inkers: Tom Palmer with Ed Tadeo; Colorist: Ruth Redmond; Cover: Stephanie Hans

Storm finally wraps up her conflict with the cyborg Davis Harmon. His ultimaate goal has been retribution for losing a percentage of his earnings from the clan issues Ororo mucked up for him with Yukio. There is a wonderful panel with Storm saving a bunch of San Franciscans from a tidal wave. She’s in the Bay area revisiting Utopia when she runs into Harmon. He sets her up for the blame of a massive accident, but Storm averts all casualties.

Issue #9 feels like a one-shot comic but the subplot of this issue provides glimpses of a villain lurking in the shadows. In the fore, Remy shows up with a mission. He convinces Storm to help him take down a fellow Thieves Guild member Nil, a technomancer. He made an appearance over in All-New X-Factor during it’s latest run. Nil is digging for an artifact in the Temple of Hermes that will make the discoverer the greatest thief in the world. 

It’s a fun issue. There is this scene where Gambit and Storm come across a bunch of dead henchmen Nil sent to recover the artifact. They are scattered in this hall, lying on the floor dead but there are no tripwires indicating how they were killed by poison darts. Storm then changes the atmospheric pressure and engages all of the booby traps. It’s a good use of powers, and different from anything I’ve seen. It harkens back to the ricochet blasts I saw Cyclops do in a previous issue of his title. 

This Storm is my favorite version of Ororo Munroe. When I come back to her series it’s refreshing seeing this confident, strong character that struggles with personal issues while helping a vast amount of others.

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