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(Belated) Comic Review: Storm #5-#7

Writer: Greg Pak; Pencils: Victor Ibañez; Inks: Victor Ibañez & Craig Yeung; Colors: Ruth Redmond; Art Issues 6-7: Al Barrionuevo;

Ororo Munroe competes for Yukio as her champion and completes some of Wolverine’s unfinished business. Apparently, he would he Yukio’s representative in this gangland fight club that settles any and all disputes. Storm isn’t exactly happy about it and she tries her best to have a peaceful, non-lethal solution solution in this Game of Death. She’s successful in the battle realm but turns out Yukio was just using her and her beliefs to dispense of a rival. Ororo is obviously pissed about and departs on the coldest of terms with Yukio.

The flight home doesn’t go so well. The plane is attacked by Eaglestar International, rivals to Yukio’s clan. They obviously didn’t appreciate Storm’s intervention in their affairs. For some reason a senator on board gets the bright idea that the attack from outside the plane is orchestrated by Ororo and after they land from Storm guiding the plane to a safe landing after 5 hours, she is arrested.

Ororo is detained and the X-Men make an appearance in her consciousness to help solve the problem. The imagery Al Barrionuevo uses juxtaposing the real and unreal as the X-Men assess what’s happening is wonderful. After some investigating, a link is formed between the senator and Davis Harmon, leader of Eaglestar International. Apparently some funds were given and the plane was supposed to be attacked and the senator was supposed to blame Storm for it. Why you ask? They’re going to find out. 

Note: Stephanie Hans makes a dynamite cover artist. I’m not sure if she does full issues but those scenes on these last four issues are wonderful snapshots into the emotion of Storm.