(Belated) Comic Review: Storm #4


This is a beautiful cover.

It’s past due that Ororo Munroe let off some stress. She’s been tracking down missing kids, helping fight droughts, and whoopin’ up on terrorist oppressors. But now the mighty Wolverine has died, and she needs to grieve.

There’s just one catch. When you can control the weather patterns at your will, you need to be in a safe place to let your true emotions out. Mother Nature rewards her though with a something beautiful: an aurora across it’s entirety. 

As she sits in Logan’s office, a little calmer now, a cell phone goes off with a message from Wolverine’s old flame Yukio saying she needs his help. Storm goes in his stead and eight hours later she is in Vegas. She breaks the news to Yukio about Logan, who doesn’t believe it at first. Ororo decides to be his stand-in for whatever situation Yukio has found herself in. 

They get subterranean for a meeting amongst Clans of the world. They’re sorting out business when there is a challenge to a resolution. It is to be settled in combat to which Storm has a problem. A little history: Yukio and Storm were once drugged and enslaved, forced to fight in an arena. Once the “pit fighters” start to get a little too….homicidal, Ororo intervenes. 

One opportunistic Clan leader decides to challenge Yukio because she sees Storm as her Champion and this champion is changing rules on her own. Everything is escalating below Las Vegas. Yukio has gone and taken up with monsters and murderers. Storm is ready to bolt and then Yukio brings her to terms. She shouts out “What would Wolverine do?” Now she’s wrong for that and she probably knows its the only way Storm would have helped her. This is the first not-self-contained issue of the series so far, so we have to wait until #5 to get our answer to what happens.

Greg Pak is killing it in this title because he has the consistent sense of humanity in his writing. Storm cares for people but if they are doing wrong on themselves she has no mercy. Unless you have that ace like Yukio. But Greg knows just what Storm will and won’t tolerate. 

Victor Ibanez is back and his art is filled with emotion. You can feel the rage filled moments and the sweet ones. 

#SaveStorm probably doesn’t need to be worried about. I think this title is strong enough to last. There have been a couple female lead books to go down in recent months though so you never know.

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