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(Belated) Comic Review: Storm #3

Call me “Ms. Munroe!“

This is probably my favorite issue of Storm so far. It’s not due to the guest appearance of one of Storm’s former love interests Forge. It’s not Ororo’s  awesome outfit. It’s because Greg Pak brought Storm back to Kenya. She was revered as a goddess as a child and this is the “scene of the crime.” 

She gets a message for help and it ends up being from the aforementioned Forge. He is working on a weather machine to help fight drought in the area. There’s a funny scene where he is showing Storm the problem he’s having with it and the low setting is this tiny little rain cloud to which Ororo remarks, “That’s … adorable.”

The rest of the issue is a great read. Pak investigates abuse of power and old loves making amends to be friends. He also shows the importance of cooperation and working together. 

Read Storm if you aren’t yet. This issue had pencils by Scott Hepburn and David Baldeon. It was a nice shakeup from Victor Ibanez, who can be harsh at times. The cover by David Yardin was quite remarkable as well. 

Until next time…