(Belated) Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon #3-#5

Words & Art: Skottie Young; Art (Issue 5): Jake Parker; Colors: Jean-François Beaulieu

The first two issues are the finale of the “A Chasing Tale” where Rocket is trying to track down another raccoon that is framing him for murders around the galaxy. The last issue is a self-standing, test issue for a new artist Jake Parker, that revolves around Groot recalling a previous adventure of Rocket and his for some child aliens.

Every page delivers in this title. If you aren’t reading Rocket Raccoon, then you’re wrong and you need to add it to your pull list NOW!

It is a breath of fresh air and it is a Marvel comic that looks like it could be on an old Sunday funnies page. It’d be that one you’d secretly read while your Mom or Dad sat across from you at the kitchen table.

I usually have one favorite panel per issue, maybe two, but these issues have a gallery. I want you to look at the colors, the emotion, the epicness of this art. It’s cartoon drawing but it’s not kiddie. It takes itself seriously and brings freshness to what I read every month.

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