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(Belated) Comic Review: Original Sin #8 (of 8)

There’s a lot going on in this issue. I was going to summarize it all for you dear reader, but felt it’d be best read on your own accord.

The flashback from last issue is continued with Fury trying to convince The Watcher to tell him who raided his armory. He won’t, of course, but does show Nick that he’s seen the Unseen (Fury) doing his dirty work.  Fury gets pissed because at least he’s had the cajones to do something about the madness in the universe. whereas Uatu just watched, despite having the power to do something, because he is bound to a code. Then the bomb is dropped. Nick Fury’s next kill must be The Watcher.  It’s not like he wants to shoot him. He understands Uatu’s place in the universe, but knows he won’t reveal the thieves. But the missing weaponry must be recovered, at any cost. 

While Fury searched for his successor, so too has The Watcher. Uatu is tired. He has seen too much and needs this burden of inaction lifted from his shoulders. He was the real source of this journey. He chose The Orb and Fury for their parts in this epic tale, and their part in it’s future.

The epilogue leaves questions for Captain America, struggles for Thor, a new purpose for Bucky Barnes, and relief in the finality of Fury’s death. Or is he still just Unseen?