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(Belated) Comic Review: Original Sin #7 (of 8)

We start with a flashback and The Orb, Dr. Midas and Exterminatrix traveling to the moon to engage The Watcher. Their initial mission is to raid the armory for weapons Uatu is keeping. The Watcher rarely speaks and so when he tells them “I see you.” it carries much weight. The good Doctor and his daughter decide to take The Watcher out. Uatu battles them but The Orb takes him out for one of his eyes.

Back on the moon, all the Avengers are getting their butts kicked. Luke Cage? Butt kicked. Hulk? Butt kicked. Iron Man? Butt kicked. Falcon? Wolverine? Black Widow? Butt kicked. Butt kicked. Butt kicked. Nick Fury is on the rampage in this super spacesuit and none can stop him, not even the Mighty Thor. How is he doing it? He’s showing them their deepest secrets. He takes down Thor with nothing but a whisper. Fury knows Iron Man’s secret suit override code.

Captain America tries to get his long time friend, ally, dare I say brother, to tell him what he has done.  Fury vaguely tells him that he met someone a long time ago and led him down this path of being the “Watcher on the Wall.” Then he leaves to the moon.

The group of successors battle whether to join the Avengers and fight or get the hell out of Dodge. They then choose door #3 and end up “secret blasted” by The Orb. He then leaves for the moon. 

In a continuation of the flashback, we see Fury arrive at the moon after his surveillance picked up The Watcher saying “I see you.” to someone and then the explosion occurring. We then know as well that Nick had his list of successors for The (next) Unseen already completed. Fury then sees Uatu without one of his eyes. Thus the interrogation begins for who attacked The Watcher.

The epic finale is next. Did Nick Fury kill The Watcher? Why?