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(Belated) Comic Review: Original Sin #6 (of 8)

Who Pulled The Trigger?

Dr. Midas and his daughter Exterminatrix are out to find a way to safety. The good doctor decides he needs to take all of the power he can from The Watcher and his eyes, so off to the moon they go. 

Back to space and Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Winter Soldier, and Moon Knight are dealing with Nick Fury’s revelations and trying to get some answers out of him. Like what happened to The Watcher? Why is one of Nick Fury’s gamma bullets the reason he is dead? 

Fury finally tells them he is dying and is seeking out his successor to carry on the dirty work he has had to do in secret all these years. He has chosen quite the crop to select from. A couple are questionable to me though: Dr. Strange and White Queen come to mind. Even Ant-Man is on his list of prospects and he doesn’t know how that he’d be able to pull off what Fury is possibly asking of him. 

The prospects want to talk and talk but the self destruct in one of the Fury’s lifelike decoys so he speeds up the inquiry by zapping Bucky and seizing an eye of Uatu. Mayhem ensues as they start fighting through the Nicks to get to the Old Man.

Meanwhile, Fury is fixated on the secrets held within the Eye. The Avengers are zeroing in on him from one side and his unknowing minions are closing in from the other. Nick finally emerges with both of The Watcher’s eyes and this mean-looking, super space-suit. 

Art was exquisite. Deodato was a good choice for this event.