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(Belated) Comic Review: Nova #29-31


Writer: Gerry Duggan; Artist: David Baldeon; Inker: Terry Pallot; Colors: David Curiel; Cover: Orphans Cheeps


Somehow Nova found Richard Rider’s helmet during the Black Vortex event and I missed it. Maybe it occurred during the two issues I couldn’t find that wasn’t important enough to include in the summaries at the start of the each issue.

Everything seems hunky dory with Sam. He hasn’t been Nova in awhile, but he is working on his telling of half-truths, recharging his mental battery, and enjoying life. School is out and he has a job to do. Not a summer job lifeguarding at the pool or mowing lawns. He is out to find his dad, and he isn’t returning home until he does so.

First he needs to visit Cosmo. He needs money for a bounty so he can find his dad and the other missing gladiators. And he dresses like Deadpool for a robbery from the Chitauri. Great scene. The knod to Star Wars was fun as well. “We don’t serve your kind here.”


It backfires though because the entire galaxy is looking for either the Chitauri ship or for Nova himself. He finds his dad, then leaves him to go kick some krutackin butt. 

The Chitauri unleash their Warbringer seeking retribution for all the trouble Sam has caused. He decides to destroy Earth and he’s using hundreds of asteroids. Nova puts up a good fight, but, well…you can see below:


You rarely hear a hero admit that he screwed up. Sam realizes he could have gone about finding his father in a different way. There is no time to lose because the Earth is in imminent danger. Luckily, Nova’s made good friends over the course of this series. 


Warbringer is no joke. He’s a big bad and he’s actually going up against the Avengers post-Secret Wars. Pretty, pretty nice. The Chitauri must have some sort of all-healing rejuvenator because Warbringer is beyond charred after Nova puts him through the sun. That doesn’t seem like good news for Sam.


So by the end Sam’s dad, Jesse, is back home. All is well in Carefree, Arizona and Sam didn’t even scratch his dad’s helmet. Wait, what? How is this going to work out? We’ll find out after Secret Wars because it looks like there are two now. It’s “The Family Business” according to the All-New, All-Different Marvel Preview. 

Until then…