(Belated) Comic Review: Nova #26-27

Writer: Gerry Duggan; Pencils: John Timms; Inks: Roberto Poggi; Colors: David Curiel; Cover: Orphans Cheeps

“Look What the Bus Dragged In” and “Mr. Carnage Goes to Carefree” are two delightful issues of Nova. Gerry Duggan continues his fun-loving take of Sam Alexander’s Nova.

This guy can’t get a break normally but after he suffered a concussion and damaged his helmet, Sam’s taken a break from superheroing and is enjoying a normal teenage life. He’s concussion symptom free, getting out of the friend-zone, and learning chess. In other words, he is recovering, falling in love, and learning strategy. Not too shabby. 

Then Carnage comes into town. See Nova and Carnage crossed paths during Axis and Sam threw away a comment of who he was and where he’s from. Cletus is like, “Hey, I’m not a good guy anymore. Let me go after this Nova kid. It’ll be fun!”

Going up against Carnage is a test, but also an ego boost, for Sam. Nova plays a funny trick on Cletus when he fakes a call with The Avengers. He spends a lot of the fight attempting to convince Carnage he isn’t Sam Alexander. He even has a decoy fly around as Nova to draw off attention from his family. He also figures out the sound sensitivity of the Carnage symbiote and crashes an Anthrax concert to disable him. 

Nova is not without problems during this fight. His helmet is still malfunctioning so the suit causes some issues at a few key moments. It’s nothing too bad but he needs to get that checked out. He tries a few options before stumbling upon Doc Green at the Baxter Building. (Note: This story continues in the Nova Annual, which I do not have).

We find out the why as to Carnage targeting Sam. It’s quite simple actually. He’s a serial killer full of hate and doesn’t want someone to remember that he did anything good for people.

John Timms pencils are similar to David Baldeon’s but differences are still apparent. Sam appears lankier and older. The decision to maintain David Curiel on colors transitions these issues smoothly with the previous ones. I enjoyed Timms’ attention to details and little spots of humor like the Spider-Man boxers Carnage has on.

The covers are pretty neat. They remind me of the intro titles to the Justice League cartoon. 

I hope Nova continues as one of the 60 or so titles to be launched after the Secret Wars event. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until next time…

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