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(Belated) Comic Review: Nova #24-25

Writer: Gerry Duggan; Artist: David Baldeon; Inker: Terry Pallot & Juan Vlasco (#25); Colorist: David Curiel; Cover: Zachary Montoya

What I’ve enjoyed about reading Nova is seeing a character, new with his powers, experience the bumps and bruises, the ups and downs of learning his or her new trade. Sam Alexander is learning, and that’s awesome. Last issue he decided to take on the Hulk and he did OK but he ended up getting knocked across the globe to France with some serious bruises.


This is the most optimistic, positive issue #25s I have ever read. This guy got his ass handed to him last issue, being a hero and saving a lot of people from the Hulk’s destruction. He’s dreading the repercussions from the other superheroes, especially Steve Rogers (Captain America), who happens to show up outside the medical tent city. He can just sense the trouble he is in when Cap takes Ms. Alexander aside to talk privately. She emerges the conversation, giving Sam a kiss, and letting him go off with Captain America to New York. Oh boy, it’s Avengers jail for him now, Sam just knows it…or maybe it isn’t?


It turns out, the young Nova has earned a spot as a provisional Avenger. He’s a junior Avenger sotospeak. When he’s 18, if he’s been doing well in his superheroing then they’ll further discuss him joining the Avengers full-time. He just can’t screw up and disobey orders, just like he did when he engaged the Hulk. He was told to stand down, and he didn’t. It all worked out and it’s most of the reason that he is getting this opportunity, but it’s also a reason to keep an eye on him and make sure he’ll be a team player. 

This was a gerat read and it ends with an “uh-oh” that was briefly touched upon in issue #24. We also need to find out how Sam’s helmet is going to be fixed since it’s a little on the fritz. 

All around a wonderful read. I look forward to next issue.