(Belated) Comic Review: Nova #21-22


Issue #21 – Here’s a little secret, Sam doesn’t have much charm. He ends up expelled.

Before we get there though, we continue Sam’s search for his father. After helping his family move from their old house, he heads off into the cosmos to track down a Chitauri ship filled with gladiator prisoners. Oone of those happens to be his dad, Jesse Alexander, member of the Black Nova Corps.

After fighting his way in he learns there was a prison break with his dad at the forefront. Sam stumbles upon the guards who were defeated by his father and their compatriots. Turns out the Chitauri will just use them to replace those they’ve lost. That doesn’t sit well with the young Nova and as before so it goes now, with an Alexander leading the way of liberation. 

He’s not able to locate his father and returns home to reveal his recent news to his Mom, which leads us to the page above.


Issue #22 – Nova’s talks with The Watcher reminded me of Nick in New Girl talking to that old Asian guy. His “best friend.” Ha ha. In the beginning of #22, he’s back at the moon, talking again. He is shooting his powers off at a rock while he does so, and actually creates a bust of Uatu. The bond between these characters endures and I wonder if it will remain a part of the series. I like it.

Principal Philbin’s expulsion of Sam is short lived. He ultimately lets him back in after Sam explains he was missing class (after his last “final warning”) searching for his father. It hits home for the princi-PAL and he lets Sam back in, immediately regretting his decision.

It’s Halloween this issue and some of the costurmes are wonderful. There’s a Jason, Abraham Lincoln, Black Ops Venom, Frankenstein, and Captain America. There’s even a Jedi, Spider-Man, Jack Sparrow, and an All-New Captain America too.

Nova gets a text while he’s at school and that night supernovas(?) his way over to the Jean Grey School in upstate New York. There he finds Nature Girl, Kid Gladiator, Genesis, and Armor (I think) who are heading out to the closest town to enjoy the festivities. Awesome moment of the issue is Genesis dressed as the Tin Man. Kudos to whomever thought of that.

They have set to have some fun, and end up scaring the crap out of some guys who were terrorizing kids and taking their candy. That could be fun in it’s own right. The Halloweeners teach the buffoons a valuable lesson. 

The ending is pretty touching and leads to the next arc with an Axis Tie-In. When Sam is leaving the Jean Grey School he spots a father and son finishing up their trick-or-treating and thinks upon his own father. He really wants to help his dad but is just not able to at the moment. His dad, Jesse, attempts to communicate from the ship in deep space. He misses the Alexanders however because they have moved out. Sam arrives at their new home where he receives a message from his mom. Old Steve Rogers has just gotten off the phone with her and needs him at the Avengers Mansion. 

Art by Federico Santagati was wonderful. The small panels have tons of detail in them as well. There’s more detail and hatch lines in the faces from the usual David Baldeon style but everything works and looks pretty consistent with the overal series artwork. This is sort of a one-off issue that someone could pick up and read on their own without getting into the rest of the series. It’s holiday-centric and is just good fun.

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