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(Belated) Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #7-8

Writer: Sam Humphries; Artist: Freddie Williams & Paco Diaz (#8); Colorist: David Curiel; Cover: Paco Medina

We’re headed into The Black Vortex Saga as Kitty and Quill decide to stick it to J’Son and his Slaughter Squad. They took awhile to get to this revelation for their relationship’s direction.

Before they can do that though, Kitty needs to rescue Peter from his dear old dad. She meets up with the Lydia after crashing the Avenger spacecraft into an asteroid. They end up at the Flying Fortress, this mobile, mega-fortified base. She phases through the walls and grabs Star-Lord after a brilliant maneuver to launch herself at the base. Mr.Knife-son and his cronies journey to Brennan-7, to deal with those who failed and to gain a new member for their cause: Thane, son of Thanos.

Long-distance relationships are hard. It’s sometimes even harder to be with each other in person after awhile. Such is the initial case with Peter and Kitty. Peter has asked Kitty to stay up in space with him. The Star-Lord tends to lack judgment, timing, and mature thinking a lot of the times. It’s what makes him Legendary, but it might also make him single again. Kitty needs a reason to stay in the galaxy with him and it comes to her after spending the day with him and seeing his lasting impact on the less fortunate.

Mr. Knife (I don’t know whether to really call J’Son that or to call him by his real name because he’s been J’Son for so long, feels weird calling him by this villain moniker), meanwhile, is working on Thane. He wants them to join his cause and needs him for some sort of elevated access to the Black Vortex and it’s power. He tries strong arming him at first, but is more successful with another method: invoking the “your Dad has returned” routine. 

We then end up where we started, Miss Pryde and Mr. Quill deciding to create a ruckus for his dad and thuse we are launched into the Black Vortex saga. Like I mentioned before, I will review all of those issues at one time.

I missed Paco Medina here but he returns in issue #9. Sam…keep up the good work.

Until next time…