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(Belated) Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #6

Writer: Sam Humphries; Pencils: Paco Medina; Inks: Juan Vlasco; Colors: David Curiel

Holo-date bad:


Holo-date good:


Benefit of this issue is not seeing Star-Lord in his movie getup. I really liked the spacesuit he wore at the beginning of the series. Somehow a trenchcoat and t-shirt don’t seem plausible, at least not all the time.

How do a galactic space vigilante and an Earth mutant go out on a date when they are millions of miles away from each other? A Holo-date. A very bad holo-date. One question: how can Peter “touch” Kitty through the hologram since it should be a projected image of Kitty, not a tangible version of her? I don’t know, oh comics! 

Well the date is crashed by the Slaughter Squad so Star-Lord has to book it. He is also trying to impress Kitty so they can keep their “relationship” together.  I do think it’s odd that Kitty calls Peter Quill “Legendary Star-Lord” a lot, well at least the past couple of issues. Is she patronizing him? Peter ends up being sweet when everything has gone wrong. And the date still ends in an epic fail. Peter is captured and taken away just when things were going his way. 

The Slaughter Squad gags him and bags him, presenting him to the mysterious Mister Knife…who is revealed to be………J’Son of Spartax…WHAT?!?! So Peter is Luke and J’Son is Vader? No wonder Mister Knife has such a diverse goon squad.

Plus Kitty Pryde, now, is off to space, the one place she hates, to save Peter. This should be good.

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