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(Belated) Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #5

Writer: Sam Humphries; Pencils: Paco Medina; Inks: Juan Vlasco; Colors: David Curiel


This flashback heavy issue starts with Lucien telling Peter about The Slaughter Squad and their leader Mister Knife. The Slaughter Squad, a mix of a Snark, Centaurion, Shi’ar, Badoon, Skrull, and a priest from Planet X, sounds like the makings of a nice joke. 

The go up against the Kymellians, who look pretty strange, I think it’s just because they are horse people. The head is just odd to see on an upright body. 

There are plenty of interjections by Peter as he gets Lucien the Kymellian drunkso he can keep spilling the beans about Mister Knife: Seabiscuit…he he. 

Back to the story, The Unseen Chamber in the depths of the structure the Slaughter Squad penetrates contains The Black Vortex. We get a glimpse of it’s power and the warning NOT to look into it with the naked eye. It draws you in and messes you up. 

Peter is leading Lucien to tell what Mister Knife’s next move will be but then, wait what? He’s cuffing him? It’s Raksor the Skrull, part of the Slaughter Squad. He’s been playing Mr. Quill the entire time. But has he? Benedict Cumber-Quill figured out he was being played a while ago and had back up all along. Now he has a member of the Slaughter Squad to extract information from. With Drax. This should be fun.

Paco comes back strong. Great panels everywhere, even with my note of the Kymellians. I enjoy how he draws Drax.