(Belated) Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #4

Writer: Sam Humphries; Artist: Freddie Williams II; Colors: David Curiel

We come in with LYDIA bothering the heck out of Peter about his “girlfriend” Kitty Pryde. He remembers Drax and Nova and their trial in the Cancerverse (See the Guardians of the Galaxy Original Sin tie-in for more info) and the Mandalay Gem is going to come into play (remember that from issue #1?). 

Thanos is building some monument to death, when all of a sudden Star-Lord comes and super punches him out of nowhere. The Mandalay Gem gives Peter some abilities, like a shield, against Thanos’ cosmic energy. He delivers eye blasts and even a Thanos-sized knee to the face! He grasps the Gem and it burns. Then Star-Lord sends out some blasts on The Mad Titan. But once a critical realization occurs, Peter lets the Grimace-colored Masterlord go and leaves the Mandalay Gem on the moon.

There’s a cheesy interlude with a misspelled apology that Kitty doesn’t  understand but then she gets who sent it. Why would she not know?

Anyway, back to some good stuff in space, Mister Knife and Bligh are hanging out in a Celestial graveyard. The Mandalay Gem has shot it’s super pink force across the cosmos and it engages these Celestials to point towards something. And with that we are first exposed to the Black Vortex, subject of the upcoming X-Men, Guardians, Nova, Captain Marvel crossover.

Guest pencils this issue by Freddie Williams II were hit and miss for me. I think I’ve just grown accustomed to Paco Medina’s work in this title that it is really weird to see someone else’s work in between the usual. It’s not bad work. The favorite panel of the issue is pretty epic even though it’s a small sized panel. It shows the skills that Mr. Williams has. 

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