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(Belated) Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #3

Writer: Sam Humphries; Pencils: Paco Medina; Inks: Juan Vlasco; Colors: David Curiel


Peter has left Victoria to enjoy the spoils of their double cross and winds up back where he usually does: in someone’s crosshairs. He’s been captured and imprisoned by Badoon. Locked in a jail cell with the mysterious Carmody and a little Badoon boy he’s try to insult his way out of captivity. Needless to say that doesn’t really work and he has to rely on his “possibly” girlfriend Kitty Pryde to get out. The three inmates get out of the cell and Carmody, who turns out to be a Spartax spy, ditches the others for the sake of his mission. 

Peter and the Badoon-boy ”borrow” a cruiser with a hilarious onboard computer named Lydia. They end up at the space orphanage from issue #1 and the newly dubbed “Tiberius” stays there. Peter is reminded of Kitty and gives her a shout. Then reveals he’s coming to Earth to settle his unfinished business with Thanos.