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(Belated) Comic Review: Legendary Star-Lord #2

Well, looks like Peter Quill is getting fed to the Sarlacc, I mean the Grimepit, when we start issue #2. Captain Victoria has successfully captured the Legendary Star-Lord and is going to cash in on his blood bounty placed by the mysterious Mister Knife. Or has she?

Mr. Quill has an ace up his sleeve, of course he does. Peter’s able to reason with his sister, half-sister to be more precise. It’s already a reveal to Peter last issue that Victoria exists so I wonder why he assumes that Victoria has had things handed to her from their father J-Son. She is a bastard child of the (former?) King. Much like the Star-Lord, she was given nothing and has earned everything she has. She probably had to work even harder since she is an illegitimate daughter with a darker complexion. She somehow worked her way into the royal guard and is using the blood bounty on her half-brother to feed her troops and help refugees from the fallen Spartax Empire.

After some brother-sister back-and-forth they settle on a plan to “pull a cross between a Benson Gambit with a Squid in the Henhouse. A twist on the ol’ Sunday Shopper routine.” Quite the task if you ask me, and things don’t completely work out, but Victoria and her brother manage to escape from Count Bligh and the Grimepit moon. The near-death experience is enough for Peter and Victoria to have a heart to heart where Peter talks about a deal he made with Thanos. I am led to believe is what happened in the Cancerverse. I’ll go over all of this in my Guardians of the Galaxy Original Sin tie-in review.

We end with Count Bligh now indentured to Mister Knife as his accountant. A cool looking guy design-wise. Much like the Star-Lord I’ve never encountered him. When will they meet up?

Until next time…