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(Belated) Comic Review: Iron Fist #9-11

Writer/Artist/Colors/Cover: Kaare Kyle Andrews

Fooh is a figment of Danny’s imagination. No real iron fists constructed. It’s just Sparrow and Danny Rand unleashing fists of fury on ninjas and monks.


As they work their way into the Rand building, Sparrow forks off to fight Davos, the man responsible for taking her eyes. Iron Fist proceeds on to the summit to confront his “father,” The One. After a little bit of a beat down he’s sent through the floors to a lower level where he discovers The One is syphoning chi from the residents of K’un Lun. His power increases the more he draws from the citizens and there’s even a few living contributors, like Brenda and Pei.

The imaginary Fooh gets Danny to take a little bit for himself, to power-up his chi and be more formidable against The One, a machine designed to not lose…ever. He faces his father to no avail as he opens a doorway to between the living and dead. He wants to “unite” the Rand family but he’s going to destroy the world in the process.


Instead of summoning his wife with the reversal of chi through the Randall Gate, he summoned Zhu-Rong, God of Fire and Guardian of the Universal Order. Now the citizens of K’un Lun and New York have to unite against a god. And then we are treated to this:


F@&% yeah! Like Danny says, the chi of K’un Lun has been channeled through various tools. One wielded the chi through firearms, another through a bow and arrow. Once Iron Fist gives himself to his dad, he controls the entirety of Rand Tower, thus producing a high-rise sized Iron Fist Mech. 

Things look on the up and up until Davos makes a stupid decision to save his people. But Danny can recover. He can make amends. With his dad. With the people of K’un Lun. He can avenge them and strike down this god with a furious chi filled punch. 

Kaare Kyle Andrews’ art is stunning. There’s a three page…well, six page spread of Danny Rand punching his dad’s face in half and it’s macro in size and impact. There’s only one more issue left in this saga and I’m sure it will wrap up pretty nicely. Until next time…