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(Belated) Comic Review: Iron Fist #7


Danny Rand leaves this issue focused and ready to reclaim his Iron Fisti-ness. All it took was getting his hands crushed and a huge talking to by a half naked, ninja that’s had her eye-balls plucked out. Wouldn’t that motivate you? In all seriousness, she can see better than Danny can right now. He is feeling a slight bit woeth me at the moment: crushed hands, crushed ego, almost crushed body. But leave it to an old friend to show you how she can lose her eyes but she’s not losing her will to fight so what the hell is your problem? Huh, Danny Rand?!

Anyway, I like how Kaare Kyle Andrews intertwines tidbits of the past, recent past, and present as he unveils his story. You get insights into motivations and fears that will become more integral as the story movies forward.  

We also have Mei getting captured by Davos along with her dragon. Davos is taking them back to the creepy Older Rand spirit conglomerate.

We’ll just have to see how everything begins to work out as Davos and his master look to create a new K’un Lun in New York. Until next time…