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(Belated) Comic Review: Iron Fist #7-#8

Writer and Artist: Kaare Kyle Andrews

Danny Rand has starts his road to REDEMPTION in this continuation of the Andrews run on Iron Fist. There is some rebuilding and reconciliation, and it is all to set Iron Fist back on course with his “Iron Fist-edness” to face The One.

We are treated to a trip to Hell and back to visit with those thought long gone. We get some robot fist action and we have a running comparison to Buddha along the way. 

Despite displaying these images for favorite panels, I have to admit that it is hard to do that in these two issues. Not because there are bad panels galore but due to the fact that these issues are better read tangibly. The art pops more off the page than the screen and Kaare Kyle Andrews is to be commended for that. Oh, and I picked this page from Issue #8 because it is hilarious.