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(Belated) Comic Review: Iron Fist #12

The grand finale of Kaare Kyle Andrews’ epic Iron Fist story of rage and redemption. The Iron Fist Danny Rand is a mess physically and emotionally. He’s dealt with a lot in this arc: a broken chi, broken fists, broken ego. Now, he can deal with his greatest achievement, defeating Zhu-Rong…a god. 

He emerges from god-goo after the battle amidst a new status quo. He is now a Thunderer for the newest wielder of the chi of K’un Lun, little Pei. I didn’t gather this from the last issue but she punched Davos into oblivion with her new power. She will need guidance now and Sparrow has deemed Danny worthy enough for the task. 

We find out about “The Book of the Iron Fist,” a history of the other wileders of the Iron Fist. He’s training Pei, they’re levitating and stuff and Brenda, the reporter/friend/something more(?) of Danny shows up. They go to dinner but that doesn’t go so well. There are punches, kicks, and guns drawn. If you remember from earlier in the series she shows a little more talent then a novice when Danny is showing her different moves. She’s trained. She’s trained her whole life for this moment. She just didn’t think she’d fall in love with the man she sought out for revenge. It’s quite tragic. And Danny is a tragedy, he’s gone through hell and back in his life to get to where he is now, but his story doesn’t stop there. 

See Pei loves to read, and she discovered a little something. The means to reincarnate her beloved Gork. That’s all well and good but she also happens to reincarnate the rest of the 66 Shou-Lao dragons. Looks like New York needs to hire some heroes.

I’m not sure what Kaare Andrews’ is working on next. He wrote a letter to the readers discussing a little on his process and his vision for the story. He took a year and a half to complete Iron Fist. Maybe he’ll need to recuperate. Maybe he won’t. But I’ll keep an eye out for his next amazing contribution to the medium.